Our efforts support owners' investment objectives. We work with you to develop a management plan that maximizes income potential while responding to the fluctuating nature of the real estate market, prevailing real estate laws, and our own ethical standards.

 Our relationship is defined by contractual agreement that specifies the scope of the agency relationship, the owner’s responsibilities, and the commissioned duties of the agent.



Tenant Selection 



We identify potential tenants through mixed strategies. Using a formal application process, we do the customary reference checks via a national database that provides comprehensive civil and criminal background information.






We use continually updated property management software to provide monthly statements that describe activity on each property.


We have a wide range of reporting capability to respond to specific requests. We maintain an efficient accounting and filing system for fingertip access to information.


General Maintenance


Premiere is equipped to handle day-to-day service calls and has on-call relationships with independent service providers for expertise outside our capability. Tenants can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

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